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Information on owning a new home generator

Home backup questions and answers.

Owning a home backup generator requires a few things before we can get you up and running. Be sure you are equipped to handle a home generator by following a few simple guidelines.

You own a home

Homeownership is key when owning a generator. You need the space and accessibility to successfully install a new generator.

Your home electrical system can support a backup generator

The electrical system in your home needs to be up to date and to code for the successful installation of a generator. We can advise you on what you need and can incorporate any necessary changes into the generator work, saving you time and money.

You have the space for a backup generator

You will need ample space outside your home for the installation and ventilation of your generator. The generator must be placed: a minimum of 18” from your home, 5 feet from any building penetration, and if applicable, 10 feet from your propane tanks.

You cannot take your backup generator with you if you move

Home backup generators are meant to be permanent fixtures to your home much like an HVAC system. It is wired directly into your home and therefore cannot be removed with ease.

You will need to maintain your new backup generator

Generators need maintenance like any other system in your home. Annual maintenance is recommended. Contact us to set up an appointment today!

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